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Patron Board #1 - White Oak Core

Patron Board #1 - White Oak Core

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Let me tell you about these Patron boards. They're something really special, made from wood that's got a deep connection to my journey as an artist. And they're for those who want to invest even further in supporting my creative endeavors.

The wood in this particular board comes from a very special place: the very bottom of a 155+ year old White Oak tree that was at my home.  Sadly, it was starting to decay and had to be taken down. But with the help of an arborist, we managed to save the bottom 6 inches, just above the roots, and turn it into something truly remarkable.

It was only fitting that the first board I made from this wood was from a tree that had provided me with so much creative inspiration over the years. And let me tell you, having a mountain of prized hardwood, taken from my own property, milled and dried by myself, has given me a new level of confidence and connection to this craft. And it's opened up a whole new world of education for me.

I know it might sound weird, but I became obsessed with White Oak. I read everything I could about it. I learned about its commercial uses, its historical significance, and how its biomechanics differ from its relative, the Red Oak. The more I learned about White Oak, the more I wanted to learn about other woods and their personalities and pasts.

During the milling process, I got to see for the first time how the grain in a large tree changes and moves as it progresses vertically from the roots up. I got to connect the outside blemishes with their related impact inside the wood. I was beginning to learn how to "see" the story of a tree through its figure, and it completely changed my relationship with wood.

I could honestly talk about this tree for hours, but instead, I want you to celebrate it with me.


The bodies of all my boards are solid wood.

The bottom half is a laminated hardwood meant to help stand up to wear and tear.

Each board has a food-safe, cured-lacquer finish. This helps protect against liquids and brings out the luster in the wood.

Shipping & Returns


This is a handmade art product made from organic material. It will have blemishes and unique qualities.

I do not provide refunds or returns unless a board was damaged during shipping or warps badly within the first 6 months. If that happens contact me with your information through the inquiries form and we'll work to resolve the situation.


24.75" x 11.75" x .75"

Care Instructions



Hand wash only. Wipe with warm water, mild soap, and a rag or sponge.

Optional: To restore some of the sheen, before use rub on a light coat of butcher block oil.

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